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@the Fist Authentic Film & Broadcasting Institute in Kerala

Cochin Media School is the First Authentic Film & Broadcasting Institute in Kerala and has been at the forefront of training film and television professionals since 2007. It is now the most experienced academic facility with an efficieny proven teaching methodology.

Cochin Media School is promoted by a unique bouquet of film and media industry talents, who hold a proven track record. The strength of the academic design put forth by the institute is derived from the immense experience and insight that the promoters have in this field.

It is also the only film institute in Kerala to have national and international film award winners among its former students. Adding to this are the various recognitions achieved by student-made films. This list of achievers, of name and fame, is continuing to grow with time.

Cochin Media School is managed by an Administrator and is advised by a duly constituted Governing Council and an Academic Council composed of eminent personalities. The academic course of the school is in session since August 2007.

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