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Studying at Cochin Media School is your passport to a rewarding life in film.

We appreciate your passion for films and congratulate you on your interest in understanding cinema and learning filmmaking.

The success of the institute has been the acceptance of our method of education. With a mission to teach ‘cinema and filmmaking’, our renowned faculty is dedicated to the development of your sensibilities as an individual, confidence as a professional, and your talents as a creator.

The institute is arguable, the most experienced in the region, and the most productive in the placement of independent professionals. The strength of the institute lies in our faculty. Going beyond the numbers, faculty members are working professionals and masters in the craft. With one of the best faculty-to-student ratios, the academic standards of the institute are impressively high.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of a career in film, we encourage you to join us! Let me be the first to welcome you to Cochin Media School.

“Let us Explore, Exchange, Edify and Enhance the art of Motion picture, that encompasses the greatest creative arts of all times." 

Academic Council


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Kamal K M
Sri. Sambu Purushothaman
Sri. Sanju Surendran
Sri. Praveen Sukumaran
Sri. Somakumar
Sri. Sreekanth Murali
Sri. Shanmugadas I
Sri. Pramod Mohann
Sri. K. B. Venu
Sri. Jerit Venugopal


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Prakash Kutty
Sri. Madhu Neelakandan
Sri. Alagappan
Sri. Deepu Unni
Sri. Pradheep K Menon
Sri. Suresh Rajan
Sri. Manesh Madavan
Sri. T. K. Mohandas
Sri. Rahul Mohan
Sri. Hareesh P
Sri. Rajesh Sabavathy



Panel of Faculty

Sri. Pramod thomas
Sri. Vinod P S
Sri. Dawn Vincent
Sri. Jithendran
Sri. Nikhil Sebastin
Sri. Anuraj Ammunni
Sri. Arun Ramavarma
Sri. S. Radhakrishnan
Sri. Francis Manakkil  
Sri. Manu Varghese


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Unni Vijayan
Sri. Ranjith Sankaran
Sri. G.Sethunath

Sri. Manoj Kannoth
Sri. Bijitha Gopal
Sri. Vineeth P
Sri. Sudhin M
Sri. Sooraj E S

Sri. Vijesh Kappara


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Murali Menon
Sri. Surjith P.G
Smt. Abhija Shivakala

Sri. Kannan Unni
Sri. Prasanth Murali
Sri. Vinod thomas
Sri. Rahul Mohan


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Shiyas
Sri. P F Mathews
Sri. Praveen Balakrishnan
Sri. Santhosh Aechikkanam
Smt. Jaya Jose
Sri. Girish
Sri. Abilash Vijayan
Smt. Rajalekshmi


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Gokuldas

Sri. Razi Muhammed

Sri. Sabu Pravadas

Prof. C. S. Jayaram


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Sujith P

Sri. Vijayakumar K.

Sri. Abhilash Divakaran


Panel of Faculty

Smt. Divya Surjith

Sri. Rajagopal S.

Sri. Vivek Gopal


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Krishnakumar K

Sri. Jotilal

Smt. Smitha Vasudevan


Panel of Faculty

Sri. Krishnakumar K

The strength of the institute is the quality of its faculty and the effective professional course design. With one of the best faculty to student ratio, the institute has been successful in maintaining impressively high academic standards over the years.

The training in the institute is imparted by teachers who have learned cinema academically and those who are practising film professionals. 

During the past years, the institute was fortunate to have the participation of some of the prominent names of the film and entertainment industry in its academic activities.


Successful film, television and literary personalities who conduct Master classes introduce, expose and mould the students to the current industry practices and standards.

governing council

Prof. K Aravindakshan

Former Member, State Higher Education Council 
Former Principal, Maharajas College  

Sri. Rajeev P I

Former Editor, The Indian Express

Sri. Somakumar

Former Director (Programs), Kairali TV

Sri. Shibu Chakravarthy

Former Chief of Programs, Amrita TV, Kairali TV & Media One

sri. nikhil krishnakumar

Playback Singer, Actor

Ms. Anumol

Actor, Dancer

Academic Council 

academic council

sri. sanju surendran


Sri. Gopan Chidambaram

Playwright, Author, Teacher, Screenwriter

Sri. Madhu Neelakandan


Sri. Ajith Kumar B

Film Editor

Sri. Jerit Venugopal

Academic Head

sri. sabu pravadas

Art Director, 

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