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Cochin Media School Now the 18th Academic Year

Know Your Courses

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17 years teaching ecperience
Highest student success rate
Dedicated Film Syllabus

Craft oriented learning

Embedded & elective practicals

Class sessions led by film graduates

Special schemes for girls

The strength of the institute is the professional course design which has proven its effectiveness over the years. With one of the best faculty to student ratio, the institute has been successful in maintaining an impressively high academic standards. .

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2 National film awards
1 International film award

5 State film awards 

1 State TV award

15 student film awards

4 feature films  by Alumni
56 Independent film professionals

736 Diploma holders

Cochin Media School equates its success to the achievements of students, both while they learn and later gain as  film and media professionals.

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56, North Girinagar, Gandhi Nagar, Kochi, India

+91 9745248484 |

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