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Cochin Media School is the Fist Authentic Film & Broadcasting Institute in Kerala, and is a pioneering project of Cochin Media City Ltd. Cochin Media School, a conglomerate hub of media education and training, has been in the forefront of training film and television professionals since 2007. Media celebrity, Sri, Madhu inaugurated the institute on 18th April 2007. Positioned at the heart of Cochin, the institute is located at Panampilly Nagar, adjacent to South Over Bridge, Cochin Media School is the First ISO 9001-2008 certified Film and Broadcasting institute in India.

With acclaimed filmmaker Ranjith at the helm as Brand Ambassador and School Director, the institute offers courses in aspects of film and broadcast media. Alumni of the institute have by now associated themselves with reputed professionals in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad, in addition to Malayalam industry.

Cochin Media School is managed by an Administrator and is advised by a duly constituted Governing Council and an Academic Council composed of eminent personalities. The academic course of the school is in session since August 2007.

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