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    Cinema is a matter of
    what's in the frame and what's out
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    Make the camera
    An extension of your mind's eye


The Film Direction Course provided by Cochin Media School gives an unrivaled perspective to

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Learning the use of camera equipment, lighting, editing and film history doesn’t simply make

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Sound or audio engineering is the dedicated stream which deals with providing balancing and

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About Cochin Media School

Learn Film Making

Cochin Media School is the First Authentic Film & Broadcasting Institute in Kerala. , and is a pioneering project of Cochin Media City Ltd. Cochin Media School, a conglomerate hub of media education and training, has been in the forefront of training film and television professionals since 2007.This film institute was inaugurated by Sri. Madhu, a doyen of Malayalam film industry on 18th April 2007.

Located in the heart of Cochin at Panampilly Nagar, adjacent to the South Over bridge, Cochin Media School is the first ISO 9001-2008 Moody International UKAS certified Film and Broadcasting institute in India.

Dedicated film syllabus
Craft Oriented Learning
Embedded & elective practical sessions
Class sessions led by film and art graduates

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‘Learning by doing’
Is the practise at the institute.


It's relatively easy to learn filmmaking but it takes a life time to understand cinema.

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Script Writing

Dialogue is not always necessary to develop a character.

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Texture creates the mood. Exploring the texture. Learn Photography.

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We are creating beautiful Projects

The strength of the institute is defined by the four P’s - People, Practise, Projects and Promoters.


The institute offers academic programs which are professionally designed to learn the essential aspects of film language, understand the dramatic elements, organise action, stage the act, work with actors, shape the film, enhance the visual; and of course to manage the chart.


The institute is promoted by a unique bouquet of media and entertainment industry talents, who hold a proven track record. The strength of the academic design put forth by the institute is derived from the immense experience and insight that the promoters have in this field.


Albe's Estate,
Adjacent to South Overbridge,
Panampilly Nagar
Kochi, India
Phone: 097452 48484
Email: support@yoursite.com


Cochin Media City Limited- the parent company of the institute is engaged in the process of setting up a self sustained media hub – the first of its king in India


Cochin Media School alumni are associated with various media organizations or are freelancing in their chosen field of creative work.